amazing facts about facebook

Facebook is a social network which hosts millions of users every second, but do you there are some interesting features of this social networking site which only few know.

amazing facts about facebook

Interesting FB Features

1- Approximately 10 lacs links Sharing, 20 lacs friend requests and 30 lacs messages sharing in every 20 Minutes. According to Internet marketing, In Asia including INDIA 50 crore user will  be using Facebook application in every month till 2018.

2-According to Forbes magazine Mark Zuckerberg is 13th Richest Personality in the world having property approx 34 Billion dollar.

3-Now days Facebook is a disease named FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder). Approx 35cr. people are affected by FAD.

4-Poke button doesn't have any meaning in Facebook. Even if you ask about this to Facebook Help Centre really they don't know. It is just for fun only.

5-The Like was actually to be named Awesome but due to indulgence of copyrights with FriendsFeed the icon was named as "Like" button and launched in 2009.

6- Interestingly there is one person you can never block from FaceBook and he is none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself.

If you try blocking him, you will get the error “General Block failed error: Block failed.”

7- If a FB user expires then his/her account can be reported to be made memorialized account. After this there cannot be any editing by any user to this account.

8- You need not to find any long ID number for reaching profiles of important FB professionals like Zuckerberg, simply add /4 after url (www.facebook.com/) to reach his profile. Similarly add /5 for Chris Hughes and /6 for Dustin Muscovite both are co founder of FB.

9-The color of Facebook is blue...because Zuckerberg is color blind with no identity of Red and Green colors.

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Ashish Pandey

ashish pandey

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