Happy Navratri

Navratri is a festival of  nine days and its all about Goddess Durga. During this period the nine faces of Goddess Durga known as Navdurga are worshiped. The following day is celebrated as Dussehra. On that day we  immersed, idols of Goddess Durga into the water body.

happy navratri 2014

The very First day we worshiped to Shailaputri Maa, is the first amongst Navadurga who is worshipped. On the first day of Navratri, Grey saree is used to dress the goddess and on Ghatasthapana which is done that is installation of earthen pot. 

which color to wear on the Navratri

Tip for the devotees: 

The color to wear on the first day for devotees is ‘Yellow‘.

First Day – Ghatasthapana / Pratipada  – YELLOW
Second Day – Dwitiya  – GREEN
Third Day – Tritiya  – GREY
Fourth Day – Chaturthi  – ORANGE
Fifth Day – Panchami  – WHITE
Sixth Day – Shashti  – RED
Seventh Day – Saptami – – BLUE
Eighth Day – Ashtami  – PINK

Ninth Day/ Tenth Day – Navami / Dashmi / Dussehra (3 October, 2014) – PURPLE

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