International Yoga Day Importance and Benefits

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual in practice which was started in India who over six thousand years ago. Yoga aims to integrate and relax the body and mind. Yoga day 2015 is an in valuable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It is not just about the exercise you do, but to develop and form a sense of oneness with the nature, world and most importantly yourself.

International Yoga Day 2015

United Nation general assembly declared June 21  as the International  Yoga Day on December 11 2014.United nation declared it within three months after the Indian Prime Minister Narender  Modi proposed this idea to the United Nation general assembly. This Initiative was supported by many global leaders, it received support of more than 177 countries highest ever in 193 members of United Nation general  assembly. This Resolution has been adopted the Under the global health and foreign policy in order to provide holistic approach to the people  worldwide for their health and well being.

International Yoga Day 2015

The main criteria of declaring June 21 as the International  Yoga day was that ,The date is the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere and it has its own importance in different part of the world. From yoga’s point of view, summer solstice marks the transition to dakshinayana, it is also considered a time where there is natural support for those pursuing spiritual practices. This event also do not remain far away from criticism,create certain clerics in India’s minority Muslim community are not in support of this event. They say that its government effort to promote a Hindu religion. But the Government of India has made it Clear that it has nothing to do with any religion, it is a Universal practice.

International Yoga Day 2015


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